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Business Card Lead Bundle

Basic Digital Business Card Without Add-Ons

Basic Digital Business Card without the add-ons. (For the booking, form builder and push notification messaging please order the bundle offer instead.)

Only $49.97 / Year

Annual subscription

Premium Digital Business Card - Lead Bundle Offer

Complete bundle with done-for-you service, booking/call scheduling, push notification message management dashboard and custom forms designer.

Only $39.97 /month

No contracts, cancel at anytime.

Meet The World's Most Versatile Business Card

  • A Digital Business Card that is easy to send and in multiple ways.
  • Complementary setup, your business card and marketing page will be ready to use today!
  • Include a custom message when sending your card. (Time saving customizable message templates included.)
  • Accessible via app icon, QR code, or web-link. (Your business card can accessed via a link, or it can be installed as an app with your own custom icon.)
  • Prospects and clients can quickly save your contact into to their smartphone contacts list.
  • Optionally enable all types of interactive lead generating features
  • On-Card Booking Calendar and Call Scheduling*
  • Create Custom Forms, Applications, Questionnaires.*
  • Send Push Notification Messages to your subscribers.*
  • No address bar with our App version.
  • Professional marketing page to funnel leads from the internet.
  • Provides you with the ultimate business card and an online presence for your business via your own business marketing page.
  • Make unlimited lifetime edits via the cloud based card, website and app design platform..
  • Unlike other digital business cards that are just mini-websites, ours is so much more.

More Great Features For Personal Trainers

Booking - Call Scheduling - Custom Forms - Lead Generation and more...

Booking / Scheduling

Let customers book appointments by enabling our booking calendar feature, or link to other third party scheduler/booking systems.

Enable an icon that links to our booking calendar and let your prospects book appointments with you right through your virtual business card. Optionally enable payments to accept deposits or pre-payments and never again be burned for no shows.

Create Custom Forms

Create all types of forms for your business card and website.

Ex. Prospective client inquire forms, website or on-card leads form, client registration, fitness questionnaires and more.

Push Notifications

Broadcast push notification messages directly to your subscribing clients smartphones and PCs.

Keep clients motivated with your inspirational push-alert messages, or use the Push Notification Messaging Dashboard to pre-schedule automated holiday promotional messages.

How To Send Business Card

Easily Send Your Digital Business Card

Multiple Ways To Send Your Virtual Business Card Via QR Code, Email, SMS or Social Messaging. Plus Include a custom message when sending your card.

What Makes Our Digital Business Card Different From The Rest?

Other digital business cards are mini websites and only offer contact info. Our digital business card is much more then that and can be accessed in several ways including a your own custom app icon.

Our platform creates apps that do not requiring app store downloading and enabling side-loading is NOT required. With our App version, when someone receives your business card they will also see a message asking them what to also save your business card as an app/icon on their smartphone. A second message asks them if they would like to subscribe to receive your notifications. With our push-notifications option you can stay in touch with your card holders using our cloud based Message Management Dashboard. Perfect for keeping your clients motivated with your inspirational notifications, or for sending pre-scheduling promotions.

Business Card

Unlimited Designs and Free Lifetime Edits Via The Cloud Based Dashboard

The Most Feature Rich Virtual Business Card That Gets Prospects Motivated

Showing A Business Card

Perfect For Anyone That Gets Paid For Their Time

Whether you charge for phone advice, virtual, or personal couching services.

Our Digital Business Card is the perfect solution for all types of couching and consultation services.

EZ Setup Questionnaire

Step-by-step setup, with your profile details, images and/or Enable features like booking calendars, forms and push notification messaging.

Done-For-You or use our design platform to create digital business cards for yourself, team members or your clients.

Quick Connect Icons

Enable contact buttons of your choice on the bottom (icon bar.) These icons remain stationary during page scrolling.

These icons can be configured to allow prospects and clients to quickly connect with you at the touch of an icon. Add as many connect buttons as you like that people can use to quickly connect with you. Or, link individual icons to internal or external web pages.

Business Cards

Template Gallery

Choose from a wide range of colors and themes to create the ultimate Digital Business Card.

Multiple styles to choose from, add a logo or your profile image. Activate button features and/or quick connect buttons. Link buttons to features or to external websites.

Warm Your Leads With A Virtual Handshake

Connect your Google MyBusiness Listing to your Digital Business Card instead of your website to warm your leads. It creates the perfect virtual handshake!

Prospects will still be able to access your existing website via a button on your card. It's a fact that simplicity is preferred when browsing web-pages, so why not point them to your digital business card instead. Your prospects will appreciate the simplicity rather that having them search for information on a website.

Need Additional Business Cards For Your Team?

DFY or Create Additional Cards for Your Associates

If you require multiple cards, you can create additional business cards in the design dashboard. (Depending on your purchased plan). You'll be able to build or edit cards for team members anytime simply by logging into your account dashboard.

Finally... Your Own App Without Spending Thousands

Custom Mobile Apps can cost thousands and take months to develop. Our Platform creates high quality Apps in record breaking time. Having your own app with the push-notifications feature alone is priceless!


Free Future Card Edits

Our TrenzyCard cloud based design dashboard allows unlimited edits, update your business card any-time.

You'll have access the design platform, where you can create more cards*, or make changes to your business card or website anytime.

Appointment Scheduling Dashboard

Pre-configure your availability. dates and times that you are available for bookings.

Intuitive dashboard that lets you pre-set your availability. Setup the dates and times that will show on your digital business card as dates and times that your clients can schedule a couching session, or consultation call.

Message Templates

Editable Message Templates

When sending your digital business card to a prospect you can add your own custom message.

In addition we include pre-made message templates that you can edit and add to any digital business card that you send. Great for quick follow-ups.

Business Card With Messages

Send Your Card In Multiple Ways

Image shows pre-made message templates and some of the various sending icons.

Send your card via QR Code Scan, SMS, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp and pretty much any other social media network.

You'll Get Both A Digital Business Card And Website Marketing Page

Use your marketing page to generate more leads from the internet. Plus... A listing in our directory of fitness professionals.

Your clients have the option of installing it as an app icon on their smartphone home screen, or their PCs start menu. Accessible via your custom smartphone app icon, or desktop.

Promote Yourself

Create more pages with information that your prospects and clients may be interested in viewing.

Use as a simple business card with interactive functions or create additional pages, create a blog, showcase your training videos, add photo gallery's and more..

Add Videos To Your Digital Business Card

Enable an icon that links to explainer videos, your training classes a presentation or link to other YouTube class, a presentation.

Have one or multiple videos in a categorized video gallery.

Enable Search Indexing

Use As A Mobile App Or Enable It As A Website Too

Not only that, you choose if you want it to appear in search results.

A simple software switch in the dashboard allows you to choose whether you want your digital business card to appear in search results like Google search.

Address Bar Disabling

No Browser Address Bar (Leaves more room for your info.)

Other Digital Business Cards are simply mini websites.

With our digital business card you get both a progressive mobile app that your card holders can optionally choose to install on their smartphones. This leave more room for promoting yourself. Plus, they will still be able to access a web-version should you decide to enable the website version of your digital business card. It's all included with the digital business card.

Credit Card Logos

Get Paid Though Your Digital Business Card

Never Get Burned For Now Shows Again

Your clients can pre-pay for your couching sessions or consultation calls prior to the scheduled meeting. Never worry about no-shows again!

Getting setup to accept credit cards via your digital business card or on your webpage is as easy as signing up for a Stripe or PayPal account.

Adding Profile Image

Getting Started Is As Simple As Filling Out Our EZ Setup Form.

Can you upload your own images though the form. Upload a logo or snap a selfie for your profile image. You can also add images later by logging into your account.

Edit your card anytime via the TrenzyCard Design Dashboard.

So Lets Summarize What Your Getting

Here are just a few of the highlights on what is included in this offer.

  • A Digital Business Card (PWA) App With Your Own Custom App Icon, Plus Weblink Access To Access Your Business Card Via a Web Browser.
  • A Marketing Page To Generate More Leads From The Internet .(Perfect for linking your Google My Business, Yelp, or other directly to.)
  • Client Self-Booking System.
  • Enable Stripe / PayPal And Accept Credit Card Payments
  • Accept Payments, Deposits or Pre-payment For Your Appointments & Consultation Calls.
  • Create Additional Custom Fill-In Forms.
  • Push Notifications with Messaging Management Dashboard.
  • Customizable Icons and Buttons.
  • Quick Connect Buttons.
  • A Premier Listing In Our Personal Trainer Search Directory
  • Done-For-You with An EZ Set-Up Questionnaire.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Updates. (Edit your card anytime)
  • Social Media Buttons To Help Increase Your Follows and Social Likes.
  • Add a Resume Page, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery and more...

Your Getting The Digital Business Card Bundled With All Add-Ons At A Reduced Price

This is a specially priced bundle offer for fitness professionals. This special offer is for a limited time only.

Forms Builder

Forms For Business Cards

Digital Business Card with Forms Builder Add-on

Every card includes a contact form, with the form builder you can create additional custom responsive forms.

Booking/Call Scheduling

Digital Business Card with Booking / Call Scheduling

Let prospects and clients book appointments and calls right though your digital business card and get paid.


Push Notification

Digital Business Card with Push-Notifications

Send promotional messages as alerts to mobile & desktop pcs though a cloud based message management dashboard.

Business Card Lead Bundle

Basic Digital Business Card Without Add-Ons

Basic Digital Business Card without the add-ons. (For the booking, form builder and push notification messaging please order the bundle offer instead.)

Only $49.97 / Year

Annual subscription

Premium Digital Business Card - Lead Bundle Offer

Complete bundle with done-for-you service, booking/call scheduling, push notification message management dashboard and custom forms designer.

Only $39.97 /month

No contracts, cancel at anytime.